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When we first moved in to Holder’s Hideaway there was hardly any storage so we planned to create simple shelving from pallets so we could unpack some of our boxes. We have a few cupboards in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and that was about it.

We have been planning our homestead for years – long before we ever bought it – so we have been stashing all the pallets we came across. They have now come in very useful. It was easy enough to put up shelving in the kitchen and in my home office (which is in the lounge). We just needed something that looked tidy but wasn’t too difficult to make.

First we measured the space and cut the pallets to size.

Sawing pallets to make DIY shelves

This took a bit of trial and error. The original shelf we made was massive and way too big for the space. So we changed the plan and tried a smaller board.

Bare space in Kitchen for shelving

Nothing fancy at all but they are exactly what we need them for. They look much better than the bigger ones we originally had. It is a pallet board with 2 triangle wedges screwed in under them for support.

Simple shelves made out of pallets

Here they are with our spices on them. They fit the space perfectly and now they look like they were always a part of the house.

Shelves with spices, tea and olive oil

I’ve always wanted my cast iron pans on display where I could see them. I love cooking with them so much and got sick of digging around in the cupboard to find the one I wanted. This way they are all within easy reach and it saves room in the cupboard for other things, like my nutri bullet and homemade natural ice cream maker.

Our cast iron frying pans are hanging from shelves we built out of pallets

My home office was going to be a different story. I needed something strong that would hold my books up and stop them falling off onto the floor. We are lucky enough to have amazing native bush on our property that we intend to use to our full advantage. Why go and spend hundreds of dollars on things that we can make ourselves? That’s what homesteading is all about, right? It’s about being self-sufficient and using what you have on hand.

We cut down a manuka pole and scraped the bark off. Then we cut 12 pieces out of the one pole to the right size and screwed them into the pallet boards. They match the decor perfectly and we love the rustic look.

Shelves for my home office with Manuka book ends

Manuka is a stunning wood and we have it in abundance so we have used it throughout our house. Pallets are made with rough sawn wood and most of them aren’t even straight so building a perfect shelf was never going to happen. Once the shelves are loaded up with stuff you can’t even tell anyway.

Manuka book ends for pallet shelves

It’s easy to get stuck on social media and looking at the beautiful shelves on Pinterest or Instagram but we would never have got started if we worried about it being perfect. They are rustic and they may not suit everyone but they suit our home. We could still be sitting here surrounded with boxes but instead we have amazing shelves that we build ourselves with a few old pallets that we got for free!

Shelving doesn't have to be fancy. Use what you have at home and collected to make shelves from pallets.

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